About this site

From time to time I am asked to write a little program or script for a special purpose. Most of these programs or scripts are used only in one application and most of them are made without trying to earn money with them. So, over the years many little applications in PERL, JavaScript, Java have been created that sit somewhere on a hard disk and are used only once.

It is my conviction that the wheel has not to be reinvented by every programmer, so I decided to post them on this site for download as time permits.

About me? Well I guess I am the original computer kid. I am in the works since 1973, when at age 17 I build my first computer (consisting of hundreds of  '74 chips, 24 k of ferrite bead memory and program storage on paper TeleType strips) from scratch and surplus parts.

Professionally I work as a a photographer and photo journalist, which explains why I have little time to update this page.

Take care,
Alf B. Meier